Benefits of Playing Music

I can still remember my first try at playing music. It was in grade school with an instrument called a flutophone. (They still exist, as shown at right.) I eventually graduated to a saxophone and was in the band throughout high school.

So what are the benefits of playing music? At one point I decided it was a sneaky way to teach you fractions. But apparently it’s more than that.

I’ve just found an article entitled “The Benefits of Playing Music Help Your Brain More Than Any Other Activity” by John Rampton ( As an official senior citizen, I’m about ready to get my sax out of the attic. Or maybe buy an electronic keyboard and learn piano. According to the article, music will increase resilience to age-related decline in a number of ways, not the least of which is strengthening bonds with others.

And it goes farther than that. About the same time, I also saw an article from 2016 about doctors prescribing music for a variety of ailments, including Alzheimers, depression and PTSD ( The article lists nine benefits of music, including the claim that playing a didgeridoo helps treat sleep apnea. Who knew?

From a layman’s viewpoint, I have no doubt that music provides many such benefits. Perhaps what the world really needs is more music?

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