Being Chased By The Police For Fun

If anyone is looking for an offbeat vacation idea, I’ve just read that the Police Chase Experience ( ) has opened in Las Vegas.

Billed as the only provider of police pursuit and intervention driving tactics for public in the United States, Police Chase Experience Las Vegas’s program is based on the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Emergency Vehicle Obstacle Course. The experience incorporates many parts of training programs used by Las Vegas Police.

The Jan. 19, 2019 opening was hosted by Erik Estrada (remember “CHiPS”?). Estrada is also featured in the video training before patrons drive an actual police car, with lights and sirens, or a high-performance getaway vehicle, or get to spin out in a “Pit Maneuver.” Talk about a thrill ride!

Experiences can range from a chase simulation for $179, or “Tactical Ramming” pit maneuver training for $109 (they must go through a lot of cars). A passenger can ride along for $99. There is also a combo package for $486 ($299 for ride-alongs), or you can have exclusive use of the track for hour for only $6,000.

I am not a gearhead (and have never been chased by the police), but I did try the Richard Petty Driving Experience ( when it was at Walt Disney World. I rode three laps with a driver who said he had raced at about 130 miles per hour. For me, it was not an altogether pleasant experience. The three laps went very fast, and nothing about it was subtle. We were up to speed at the end of pit row, and the centrifugal force was terrific! The sensation was such that it felt like the car was going to break loose and start rolling over toward the outside of the track at any second. I spent the entire ride plastered against the door, wondering why we weren’t tumbling. I wish now I would’ve asked the driver how long it took him to get used to the sensation, but by the time we finished I was too breathless to think.

So I won’t be rushing to Las Vegas to experience a police chase. But if that’s your thing, go for it!

I’m sure a lot of people will.

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