Are You Looking For A Book?

From the “I Wish I Could Write Like That Department” — If all the social restrictions have gotten you down, one remedy is to read an entertaining book. Helpfully, the February 1/8 2021 issue of Time magazine includes a “Winter Survival Guide” with 11 books suggestions under the heading “Voices to Lighten the Mood” (page 102). The first two made an impression on me as being rather unusual storylines, so I’m copying their entries here. In this list, the audio versions are emphasized, but print editions are available.

Let’s Never Talk About This Again

“When Sara Faith Alterman’s father begins experiencing symptoms of early onset Alzheimer’s disease, he asks for her help in continuing his secret career as a sex writer. Alterman narrates the story of their evolving relationship, detailing all the mortifying moments that accompany discovering that your father writes pornographic books.” (

My Sister, the Serial Killer

“Oyinkan Braithwaite’s satirical thriller, read by Adepero Oduye, tests the bonds of sisterhood as Korede, a nurse, grows increasingly annoyed with her younger, prettier sister Ayoola. But her frustrations have little to do with good looks—Ayoola keeps murdering her boyfriends and calling in Korede to clean up after her.” (

Actually, judging from these descriptions, I’m not convinced these are really upbeat, but stranger things have been happening. By the way, in addition to being in the magazine, the list of all 11 can be viewed at Maybe you can find a more conventional plotline; Steve Martin’s 2007 memoir is included.

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