Another Way to Get Help

Social networking has had a huge impact on our lives, from keeping in touch with old friends to finding a ride or a place to stay for the evening.  I’ve just found another impact — a website called HelpfulPeeps, “The Helpful Network” (  The idea, which came from Great Britain by the way,  is very simple — helping others.

The website is divided into three sections.

“Taking Money Out of the Equation” by sharing time, knowledge and skills for free.

“Helping on Our Own Time” by helping others by finding opportunities that match availability.

And “Celebrating Kindness” by recognizing those who are most helpful.  (Raise your “karma score” with each person you help.)

Personally, I have not joined or tried it myself (I guess I’ve never felt I’ve needed a karma score), but the signup is free and it sounds like an interesting idea.

Will it catch on?  I hope so.  Help is something a lot of people in the world need right now.

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