A Poem — Ode to a Modern Warrior

Ode to a Modern Warrior

He came at me mercilessly with anger in his eyes.
His body language made it clear it was I that he despised.
He swung a club right at my head, I barely ducked the blow.
The next time I wasn’t quite as quick, he really laid me low.
My brain was foggy, my head ached, but what really got my attention
was when he pulled out a huge sword with a fury too terrible to mention.
My right hand was the first to go, my sword fell to the floor.
My left leg was the next, and yet he came for more.
It wasn’t very long until the outcome was made clear.
My life force was ebbing, the end was very near.
All this bitter fighting has really put me to shame.
At this point I’m just glad this is a video game.


From Some Poems About Life, available through this website.

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