A Poem About Happiness

I haven’t posted any poetry for a while, but this seemed appropriate for a cold, winter day.

Bringing Happiness

Randall lives a frustrating life,
he never seems too pleased.
Something is so terribly wrong,
He’s certainly not at ease.

“My status should be higher,”
he says without a grin.
“The good life should be within my grasp.
I’m never going to win.”

He sees his friends through envious eyes,
he watches their every purchase.
If only he kept up with them
He wouldn’t feel so hopeless.

On his left is a brand new car,
Across is a boat in the driveway.
On his right is a landscape job.
No, modesty is not their forte.

So Randall turns back to his life,
A modest but nice homestead,
His loving wife and two fine kids,
And sadly shakes his head.


Ralphie lives a homeless life
Beneath a busy bridge.
Life has thrown him some hard knocks,
The reverse of privilege.

The layoff was a heavy blow,
His drinking wife a mess,
He still limped from the accident.
No, this was not progress.

But Ralphie is a friendly sort,
The friends he makes are true.
They all share & share alike
Beneath their bridge with a view.

It could be tougher, Ralphie thought,
The climate is just fine.
Much food was thrown from restaurants,
They had many ways to dine.

So Ralphie lays beneath that bridge
reflecting on his fate.
“I really don’t have a lot,”
“But what I have is great!”

This life, it is a fickle thing,
You take whatever it gives.
And where you find your happiness
Becomes your life to live.


From the book Some Poems About Life, available at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and on this website.

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