A Poem About Friendship



“Hello,” said she.

“Who are you?”


“I’m a pilot,” said he.

“I fly big airplanes with lots of people on them all over the world.”


“Where do you live?” said she.

“I really don’t have a home,” said he.

“Would you like to come live with me?”

“Yes, thank you, I would like that very much!”


“What’s your name?” said she.

“I guess I don’t have a name,” said he.

“Then I will give you one.

I will call you Stanley, after my big brother.”


And so the little girl

took the small black-and-white stuffed bear

with the plastic flying helmet and goggles

and the tag with the name of an airline

into her room and sat him on her bed

between the smiling clown with the bright orange hair

and the spotted stuffed puppy dog.


And it was the start of a beautiful friendship!

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