A Poem About Challenge

Today I'm reprinting a poem from my book Some Poems About Life (available on this website).

On Challenge

What do you think is a challenge?
Is it running as fast as you can?
Coming in first in the big race
and showing you’re that much a man?

Or is it much more academic?
Being the first in your grade?
Dazzling them with your brain power,
showing you should be obeyed?

Perhaps it is much more romantic:
dating the unreachable girl.
Or joining the high-classy in-crowd,
giving the fast lane a whirl.

Or maybe something more long-term:
making political laws.
Running your own special business,
or advancing humanity’s cause.

So what is the greatest challenge?
One that will make you work hard,
one that will test your limits,
the one with the greatest reward.

It can be just as great as a life’s work,
when everyone sees you to thank.
Or it can be something more puzzling,
like as simple as filling a _____.

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