A Poem About Aging

Here is a poem from my book Some Poems About Life.  This is actually the first poem I wrote.  It started out as a essay, but then I decided to put it into verse.


My Greatest Enemy

I am being chased, in a relentless way.
There is no escape, despite what I say.
I have no hidden place, no refuge to retreat.
I cannot plan an exit, I fear I must be beat.

Its easy to be bitter, but I must not take the bait.
To be honest with you, my life’s been simply great.
Though my nemesis approaches, I have no cause to hide.
I’ve done my best as I’ve seen fit, I view my life with pride.

So let the future come what may.
I’ll just face it day by day.
My fate comes, it must be so.
As I battle Time, my greatest foe.

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