How a Bill Becomes Law — a Poem

Today I have a guest author — my niece Stephanie Welbaum of Blacksburg, VA.


From an Idea, to a Bill, to a Law
by Stephanie Welbaum

In the very beginning, it wasn’t so great
Someone dropped me off so I was given a number, approved, then thrown in debate
On the House floor I was fought for and criticized… a lot
But apparently I was worth it, so to a vote I was brought
And I won!  I won!  I got the majority and so I won!
But little did I know the battle had really just begun.

Then to the Senate I was sent for revision
After a while, once again they had to come to a decision
That day Congress was very tense and heated
Because without enough votes, I’d then be defeated
But oh, lucky me! In the vote I got the majority!
So sure enough I went to the House and Senate’s Congressional Committee

They solved my differences and made changes too
And before the final step I had to get the Houses to approve
Because they liked my amendments, I got their consent
Finally I was mailed off to Mr. President!
He thought for awhile, but yes he did sign
And the title of “Law” was finally mine!”

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