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Original Poem — On Winter

It snowed last night, which reminded me to reprint my annual poem on winter. Perspective The son stood in the doorway,Behold a beautiful sight!As far as he could see,nothing but fluffy white! Today would be a timeof laughter and play begun.And most important of all,no school would spoil the fun! The father stood in the

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Reprinted Poem — Advice From a Bat

From the “I Wish I’d Written That Department” — Here’s a clever poem by Michael T. Young that I’ve recently run across and I can’t help sharing. Advice from a Bat by Michael T. Young Hunt only at night. Fly erratically. Defy even your own expectations. Feed on beetles, moths, and mosquitoes, whatever is small

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Happy Spring!

In honor of spring, I’m republishing my poem My Rite of Spring, from my book Some Poems About Life. My Rite of Spring I consider myself a peaceable soul. I value all manner of livable things. Insects and mice, spiders and voles. Just about anything Mom Nature brings. But I do have my standards. I

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