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Short Story — Distant Replay

This short story was published in Issue #643 of Bewildering Stories.   Distant Replay by Bob Welbaum   Jerome had felt fear before, but this was different.  Much different.  The man on his right disappeared from his peripheral vision with a scream. There was a deafening explosion to his left. Then another. Then they

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Some Thoughts on Immigration

I went to school in a small, almost rural township.  There were 49 in my graduating class, and we went all 12+ years in the same building.  And there were no minorities; we were amazingly homogeneous, all very white lower-to-middle class. Being a small school, teacher turnover was high.  Each year would bring many new

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Some Thoughts About Suffrage

Our democracy has come a long way since the early days of the republic.  As a history nerd, I’ve always been curious about the voting requirements in other eras.  I’ve always suspected there have been times when voting has been considered more of a privilege than a right. I’ve just found a historical note to

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