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How Big Can Black Holes Grow?

If I were smart, I’d stay away from this one, because it gets complicated, but I just ran across this topic on the EarthSky News. The short answer to how big a black hole can get is 50 billion suns before the food that powers them crumbles into stars. (Like I said, it’s complicated.) The

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Happy Winter Solstice

It’s all downhill from here. The winter solstice   —  officially the first day of winter, although I have my own definition — is the shortest day and the longest night of the year.  Of course that’s in the Northern Hemisphere; in the Southern Hemisphere it’s just the reverse.  Depending upon your time zone, the

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Is It Christmas?

You never know what you’ll find on the Internet. The most unusual website I’ve ever found is It answers the question “Is it Christmas?” in a very direct way.  Be sure to check it on Christmas, although you will probably be disappointed.

Printing Your Clothes

You’ve heard a lot about 3D printers, but will there ever be the day when we can use them to print our clothes? A young lady named Danit Peleg thinks that day will be here soon.  In a recent TED talk, she explains how a fashion school project let her to degisn and print some

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What Are Animals Thinking?

Anyone who has ever owned a pet has probably wondered at one time or another what their companion has been thinking.  How much do they understand?  Do they have the same feelings, or do they just mirror our moods? I haven’t had a pet in fifty years, but my own theory is when an animal

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De-coding Facial Expressions

“If a logger smiles in the forest with no one around to see him, was he actually happy?”  —  Jerry Adler One of our most effective forms of communication is non-verbal.  I have a $1.50 paperback on my shelf from 1970 entitled Body Language.   So it should be no surprise to hear that people

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